Members of the public who are not Masons are often curious about us.  This is perfectly understandable.  If you want to know anything about Freemasonry then just ask a Mason.  They will tell you anything that you want to know about our Order.  It’s not a big secret, there are libraries full of books about Freemasonry!

But what about the secrecy etc!

The secrecy that Masons observe is in respect of their means of recognition.

That said, we Masons are a friendly and likeable bunch of people, in the main, who, as a rule, don’t mind talking about what we do.  So ask one if you want to know anything or if you are interested in talking to us about our Lodge in particular then e mail the Lodge Secretary.The United Grand Lodge of England have produced two excellent booklets:

An approach to life leaflet

Your Questions Answered

and if you are at all interested then we recommend that you download them and read it at your leisure.  You will need Adobe Reader to read them.  If you don’t have the program then click this icon  Adobe-Logo  to obtain a free copy.

Welcome to Halesowen Lodge